KTVK Channel 3 News August 2023 Story

KTVK Channel 3 News August 2023 Story

Get ready for a wave of excitement as the charismatic TV anchor, Whitney Clark, takes a daring leap into the world of Now Pools to make a splashy statement! Whitney is not just reporting the news—she's making headlines by diving into the ultimate poolside oasis.


PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — If you don’t have a pool to beat the heat this summer, there’s a new way to go swimming in your backyard without building a traditional pool! A ground pool company called Now Pools is building temporary above-ground pools in homeowner’s backyards for a monthly subscription. When summer is over, the company then takes it away.

Good Morning Arizona reporter Whitney Clark stopped by to chat with the company’s owners about how it works. Ross Novotny, the co-owner of Now Pools, said the idea came to him several years ago when he said he needed a pool but didn’t want the price or a pool in the winter. “I figured we love our yard in the wintertime but wanted a pool in the summer, so we decided what better solution than a temporary pool? We came up with this idea, Matt [Young] and I, having a temporary pool in everyone’s yard, and it’s gone great,” he said.

Now Pools offers three different pool sizes, weekly maintenance services, installation, and takedown. The pools start at $625 a month. Novotny says that homeowners take care of the water and electricity to run the pump. Co-owner Matt Young says the company tries to make having a pool easier for homeowners. “We try to take the complication out of owning a pool. One, it’s expensive. If anybody’s tried to look into putting an in-ground pool into your yard, it’s incredibly expensive. There’s huge long waits to even get the contractor started on that. If you need a pool, you want it now,” Young said.

Whitney even tested out the pool and went for a cool dip! For more information about Now Pools, visit nowpools.com.

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