ABC 15 News August 2021 Story

ABC 15 News August 2021 Story

Channel 15 News takes you inside the pool revolution with Now Pools, the on-demand pool service transforming backyards in Phoenix

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Watch this video from ABC 15 News as we bring you an exclusive feature on Now Pools, the Phoenix-based on-demand pool company that’s making waves in the Valley of the Sun! Join us for an inside look at the innovative world of Now Pools, where luxury and convenience collide to redefine the pool experience right here in Phoenix. Our cameras take you behind the scenes to showcase how this cutting-edge service is turning ordinary backyards into private oases. Don’t miss this captivating Channel 15 exclusive, where the sun-soaked dreams of pool enthusiasts come to life. Now Pools isn’t just a service; it’s a lifestyle, and Channel 15 is your source for an in-depth dive into the extraordinary. Stay tuned for the ripple effect of this on-demand pool revolution, breaking only on Channel 15 News!

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