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The minimum Now Pools agreement is for 2 months. 

We think the beauty of Now Pools is that you don’t have to set-up a pool or spa, don’t need to do all of the maintenance yourself, and don’t have to worry about where to store it when you’re not using it. At the end of the complete lease term of your pool or spa you want to purchase it, you may do so.  At that time the maintenance, chemicals, cleaning, etc would be your responsibility.

At this time, we are only serving the Greater Phoenix Metro area. We hope to be in more locations in the Spring of 2024. If you are interested in Now Pools coming to your city, send us a message on our website or email us at Fun@NowPools.com.

Now Pools offers three different size pools and two different spa sizes. Take a look at the “Pools & Spas” page to see all the details and features.

We do offer a DIY pool service package that is modified from our standard subscription.  This is currently only oferred in certain areas.

If you are in our standard subscription area in the Greater Phoenix area, the answer is no! Why can’t you just relax? Okay, the real reason is we have a team of pool professionals that know how to properly take care of the specific pool equipment that we use to help it last as long as possible. And besides, you’ve paid for it and you have enough other things to worry about. There will likely be some leaves that fall into your pool, we will provide you a hand skimmer to take care of those. That should keep you occupied!

For both pool and spa subscription, when you sign up, you pay for your first month of service.  The second monthly bill will not be charged until 1 month after your pool or spa is installed.  If there are third, fourth or fifth month payments due, they would automatically run on the day of the month following your second month payment. 

You will have the opportunity to pick from available week(s) that your pool or spa is installed during the sign-up process.

No, not other than sales tax. All pool and spa orders include include installation, removal, weekly cleaning (bi-weekly for spas), chemicals and any maintenance needed. The only difference in pricing is based on the size of the pool or spa and the length of your subscription.

Yes. Each week (every two weeks for spas) our cleaning and service team will test the water and ensure a proper balance of chemicals.

Preferably “Yes”, we would like an adult home during the installation. We need to make sure we are placing the pool or spa in the desired location. We are also going to give you start up instructions at this time.

The Now Pools installation team will do some very light “ground work” in order to make the pool and the water level as even as possible. But we don’t own bulldozers and we’re not miracle workers. This minimal ground work may include adding decking under a pool support(s) to even out the pool. There will not be significant landscaping reformation in order to level out the pool. We can still install on a mildly sloped ground, but it may affect how much water can be in the pool.

We don’t care. We won’t let a little flood irrigation come in between you and an awesome summer. Our pools will hold up to the additional water, they were built to handle water, literally. Dependent on where we place your pool, the path of the water and therefore the amount of water getting to your landscape could be affected. We may also take additional precautions to elevate the pool pump and cord out of the flood irrigation water.

Yes, we will need access to power and water. The pool pump cord is approximately 20′. We just need access to a standard 110V 3 pronged outlet.  The spa pump is approximately 10′ and also uses a standard 110v, 3 pronged outlet. If your desired location is greater than the specified distance from an outlet please have an outdoor rated extension cord available for our team at the time of installation.

Yes, yes we do. We will place a single customized “tarp” to protect the pool and spa from wear and tear. This material will be placed under the entire pool or spa and supports. This material is thin and is not designed to provide additional cushion.

The ideal ground conditions would be concrete patio or pavers. The spa can also be placed on grass. The spa may not be installed on rocks.

Initially the water can take several hours to heat up. This is partially due to the amount of power that can be pulled from a standard 110v/120v outlet and will depend upon the starting temperature of the water and exterior air temperatures. Once the spa is brought up to an enjoyable temperature, the spa can heat up in under an hour for enjoyment. Plan on the water temperature increasing about 2-3 degrees per hour.

Yes, all spas come with a cover. Its is highly recommended to keep the spa cover on while not in use to prevent debris from falling into the spa. The cover is insulated and will also help ensure the water temperatures remains high.

Our Now Pools team will “assign” you a regularly scheduled day of the week to service your pool. Keep in mind spa service is every two weeks. If we aren’t able to service the pool or spa on that day, we will let you know as far in advance as possible. You don’t need to be home at this time of the service. Our team will need to have access to the pool or spa and a safe environment. All of you with the vicious chihuahuas, keep them inside while our team is at your house.

The short answer is “Yes”. Our team can be available for additional cleaning outside of the scheduled cleaning, but this is not included in your Now Pools monthly fee. There is an additional fee of $35 for our team to come to your pool or spa outside of your normally scheduled cleaning day. Send an email to Cleaning@NowPools.com with the details of when you want the pool cleaned and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


We’re happy to offer “DIY Pool Service” as described on our services page in your zip code.  This modified service includes pool installation and removal, a pool robot vacuum, and chlorine for the duration of your subscription. We do not offer our weekly service in your zip code, but can be available for “remote support” as needed during your subscription. Should you have specific questions on this service level offering, please email Fun@NowPools.com or call (602) 560-4554. Thanks.