Community, Events & Partnerships

Our Mission

While our mission is to deliver convenient, simple family fun on demand, we are more than just fun and games.  Now Pools strives to make an impact in the communities we operate in not only working with local charities and fundraising efforts, but working with other local businesses to create a place our community is excited to thrive in.  Check out some of the exciting projects we have partnered on and stay connected to learn about exciting new endeavors we are rolling out to continue to make an impact on our community.

Now Pools Event’s

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We Believe In Spreading Joy

At Now Pools, we believe in spreading joy and creating memorable moments by the pool. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our exciting annual giveaway! We’re offering one deserving family/cause/event in the greater Phoenix area a free Summer Special pool subscription

Do you know a family, cause or event that deserves a refreshing dip in their very own pool this summer? Tell us their inspiring story, and they could be our lucky winners. Share the love and nominate today!

Transforming Pools into Fashion

“Dive into sustainability with Now Pools’ exciting partnership with Rareform, transforming old pool and spa materials into stylish bags and accessories. Celebrating Earth Day with innovation, this collaboration merges fashion and environmental responsibility, showcasing the power of upcycling. Join us in redefining style while championing conscious consumption and a greener future. Read more to discover how we’re making waves in sustainability!”


We’re happy to offer “DIY Pool Service” as described on our services page in your zip code.  This modified service includes pool installation and removal, a pool robot vacuum, and chlorine for the duration of your subscription. We do not offer our weekly service in your zip code, but can be available for “remote support” as needed during your subscription. Should you have specific questions on this service level offering, please email Fun@NowPools.com or call (602) 560-4554. Thanks.