About Us

Our Story and Team

Now Pools™ was started in 2020 by two friends Ross Novotny and Matt Young. Their goal was to not only help their families enjoy the hot Arizona summer again, but also the other families just like theirs. Knowing that it borders on cruel and unusual punishment to send kids outside without a pool in the Arizona summer, Ross and Matt decided to start a company that could help.

When thinking of what people want in a pool experience, we realized there were a number of pain points. From the construction and monthly maintenance costs, to losing a large part of your yard during the winter time when you can’t use a pool. In addition to the cost and size, figuring out how to balance the water chemistry in your pool can become a part time job. Now Pools™ seeks to solve all these problems and leave you with a hassle free, fun experience that you want for your summers. Is a Now Pool™ the best looking pool on earth, well maybe not. But in the middle of the summer when it’s 110 degrees, do you care? Embrace the retro cool of your “elevated” (not “above ground”) Now Pools™ experience.


We’re happy to offer “DIY Pool Service” as described on our services page in your zip code.  This modified service includes pool installation and removal, a pool robot vacuum, and chlorine for the duration of your subscription. We do not offer our weekly service in your zip code, but can be available for “remote support” as needed during your subscription. Should you have specific questions on this service level offering, please email Fun@NowPools.com or call (602) 560-4554. Thanks.