Fox 10 News June 2021 Story

Fox 10 News June 2021 Story

FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen visits Now Pools in Phoenix where you can rent affordable above-ground pools to stay cool during the summer.


Immerse yourself in the excitement as Phoenix’s Fox 10 News highlights the exceptional features of Now Pools. In an exclusive showcase, Fox 10 takes you on a journey through the innovative offerings of this on-demand pool service, demonstrating how it’s redefining the Arizona pool scene. From luxurious amenities to unparalleled convenience, Now Pools is making waves, and Fox 10 is your front-row seat to the aquatic revolution. Dive in and discover how Now Pools is turning every backyard into a personalized oasis, exclusively featured on Phoenix’s Fox 10 News!

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We’re happy to offer “DIY Pool Service” as described on our services page in your zip code.  This modified service includes pool installation and removal, a pool robot vacuum, and chlorine for the duration of your subscription. We do not offer our weekly service in your zip code, but can be available for “remote support” as needed during your subscription. Should you have specific questions on this service level offering, please email Fun@NowPools.com or call (602) 560-4554. Thanks.